Susan G. Komen® is focused on reducing breast cancer incidence and mortality within the next decade with increased emphasis on finding solutions for disparities in breast cancer across populations.  With funds raised by Susan G. Komen® Inland Empire, community grants will be made to support evidence-based strategies and promising practices to reduce disparities in breast cancer mortality in the Inland Empire.

Every four years, our Affiliate conducts and in-depth needs assessment across Riverside and San Bernardino Counties to identify breast health/breast cancer disparities affecting our communities. The outcome of this assessment is a document called the Community Profile. Komen IE is in the process of finalizing the 2015 Community Profile. The 2015 Community Profile Executive Summary is available to review, which outlines the Affiliate’s priorities and shapes our annual Community Grant Request for Applications. Click here to view the 2016-2017 Komen IE Community Grants RFA.

Here in the Inland Empire, up to 75 percent of the net funds generated through donations, events, and other activities, remain locally in Riverside and San Bernadino Counties to fund important breast health services and programs.  The remaining 25 percent of each dollar donated funds the Susan G. Komen® Research & Training Grants Program. In fact, next to the U.S. government, Susan G. Komen is the largest funder of breast cancer research in the world.