Clinical Trials

If you have breast cancer, we encourage you to consider joining a clinical trial. Clinical trials are studies designed to test the safety and effectiveness of ways to prevent, detect or treat disease. People volunteer to join these studies. Clinical trials offer the chance to try new treatments and possibly benefit from them. Learning a new therapy is better than the standard treatment can also help others. And, as new therapies are developed, they can open doors to other drugs and procedures that may be even more effective.

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Information about local clinical trials can be found below. Please note that Susan G. Komen® Inland Empire does not fund clinical trials. Organizations seeking grants for breast cancer research should apply directly to Susan G. Komen® Headquarters. For more information, please contact Komen Headquarters at 1-877-GO-KOMEN or visit the website at

These clinical trials are a listed as a resource only, and are listed on our website per the request of the investigator. Please contact the principle investigator regarding the clinical trial.

Patients with a history of breast cancer

Accrual of Unrepresented Minority Women to Breast Cancer Clinical Trials in the Inland Empire

The Sister Study

Breast Cancer Clinical Trials